Fried Rice (R1 – R4)

Vegetable $9.95
Tofu or Mock Duck $10.95
Chicken, Beef or Pork $11.95
Shrimp or Calamari $13.95

Wok Stir Fry (W1 – W9), Noodle Dishes (N1 – N5)

Vegetable $10.95
Tofu or Mock Duck $11.95
Chicken, Beef or Pork $12.95
Shrimp or Calamari $13.95

Curry Dishes (C1 – C7)

Tofu or Mock Dock $11.95
Chicken, Beef or Pork $12.95
Shrimp $13.95

* Item is served raw or undercooked or may contain raw or undercooked ingredients. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness

(P) Item contains or may contain peanuts or peanut based ingredients.

(GF) Item is gluten free.

R1. Classic Thai Fried Rice (GFR) (VR) $9.95, 10.95, 11.95, 13.95
Comfort food! Thai style with carrots, onions, eggs, cilantro and green onions.
R2. Sriracha Fried Rice (VR) $9.95, 10.95, 11.95, 13.95
A spin on our Classic fried rice. Infused with the most popular hot sauce, Sriracha!
R3. Pineapple Fried Rice (GFR) (VR) $9.95, 10.95, 11.95, 13.95
A colorful exotic mix of flavors that works surprisingly well with Jasmine rice. Made with juicy chunks of sweet pineapple, raisins and cashews.
R4. Holy Basil Fried Rice (GFR) (VR) $9.95, 10.95, 11.95, 13.95
Fragrant with the stimulating aroma of basil! Prepared with protein of your choice and blended with garlic and holy basil.
N1. Pad Thai (GF) (P) $10.95, 11.95, 12.95, 13.95
The most remarkable rice noodle dish! Noodles stir fried with bean sprouts, eggs and crushed peanuts. Combined with your choice of protein.
N2. Drunkard’s Noodles (Gf) $10.95, 11.95, 12.95, 13.95
This intensely spicy dish will wake up your taste buds! Wide rice noodles stir fried with garlic, onion, basil and seasoned with fish and soy sauce.
N3. Pad See Yew (GFR) (VR) $10.95, 11.95, 12.95, 13.95
A popular meal amongst Thais, this is prepared with salt, wide rice noodles, fried with Chinese broccoli, eggs and sprinkled with black pepper.
N4. Rad Na Delight $10.95, 11.95, 12.95, 13.95
Soberfish's interpretation of this national Thai dish! Stir fried Chinese broccoli served in a savory gravy on a bed of soft, wide rice noodles.
N5. Soberfish Noodles (GF) $10.95, 11.95, 12.95, 13.95
Soberfish's exclusive recipe! Our signature stir fry ramen noodle feast with Thai holy basil, chopped garlic, jalapenos and our Soberfish house sauce.
W1. Thai Holy Basil (GF) (VR) $10.95, 11.95, 12.95, 13.95
A Thai delight with heat and the perfect combination of holy basil, jalapenos, onions and garlic in our special sauce.
W2. Cashews in Oyster Sauce (GF) (VR) $10.95, 11.95, 12.95, 13.95
This classic partnership of slightly sweet cashews, dry chili peppers, onions, green onions, bell peppers and oyster sauce is immensely popular in both Thailand and Minnesota.
W3. Vegetable Rainbow Medley (GF) (VR) $10.95, 11.95, 12.95, 13.95
A healthy medley of fresh vegetables tossed in a wok and seasoned with light oyster and soy sauce.
W4. Superior Sweet & Sour (VR) $10.95, 11.95, 12.95, 13.95
Soberfish's most wanted dish! Pineapples, cucubmers, tomatoes, onions and sweet bell peppers in our homemade soberlicious sweet and sour sauce.
W5. Fresh Young Ginger (GF) (VR) $10.95, 11.95, 12.95, 13.95
Energizing! Boost! This is the dish your body needs. Fresh sliced young ginger, onions, scallions and wood ear mushrooms stir fried in light soy and oyster garlic sauce.
W6. Garlic & Crushed Black Pepper (GFR) (VR) $10.95, 11.95, 12.95, 13.95
Your choice of protein sautéed with soy sauce, black pepper and fresh garlic served on a bed of crispy lettuce topped with sliced cucumbers and tomatoes.
W7. Asparagus (GFR) (VR) $10.95, 11.95, 12.95, 13.95
A simple sauté with tender asparagus and carrots seasoned with hints of garlic, oyster sauce and sesame oil.
W8. Broccoli (Chinese or American) (GFR) (VR) $10.95, 11.95, 12.95, 13.95
This Thai influenced recipe of broccoli stir fry is complemented with onions and carrots. It's simple, yet has a lot of flavor.
W9. Potak Combination Seafood (GF) $18.95
This favorite is sure to please seafood lovers! This tasty dish is brimming with calamari, mussels, shrimp and tilapia and is sautéed with galangal, lemongrass, lime leaves, chopped garlic, basil and hot chili pepper sauce.
C1. Red Curry (GF) $11.95, 12.95, 13.95
This Thai Red Curry recipes is fragrant and sumptuous. Made of coconut milk, bamboo shoots, bell peppers, basil, lime leaves and Thai eggplant.
C2. Magnificent Massaman Curry (GF) (P) $11.95, 12.95, 13.95
This melt in your mouth beef or chicken dish is combined with potatoes, coconut milk, cinnamon, tamarind, fish sauce and sprinkled with crunchy roasted peanuts - its curry heaven!
C3. Panang Curry (GF) $11.95, 12.95, 13.95
This sensuous curry contains thick coconut milk, lime leaves and basil herbs which make a flavorful dish.
C4. Sweet Green Curry (GF) $11.95, 12.95, 13.95
The queen of all curry made with Thai eggplant, basil, bamboo shoots, sweet bell pepper in coconut milk and green chili paste.
C5. Pineapple Curry (GF) $11.95, 12.95, 13.95
This sweet and sour dish is a combination of red curry in coconut milk, lime leaves and is loaded with pineapple.
C6. Rama Spinach Curry with Roasted Peanuts (GF) (P) $11.95, 12.95, 13.95
A milk golden peanut curry sauce served on a bed of steamed young spinach.
C7. Choo Chee Curry (GF) $14.95, 15.95
Shrimp $14.95, Scallop $15.95. This unique wok-fried curry is delicious and is made in our homemade coconut milk sauce with your choice of fish or seafood.