The Team

Head Sushi Chef Bruce Lee
Head Sushi Chef

Minnesota native Chef Bruce Lee humbly started his culinary career as a dishwasher at Sushi Tango in 2001. Through hard work and an eagerness to learn, he moved from dishwasher to chef. With persistence and desire, in a few short years, Master Sefu and the Sushi Tango partners allowed Chef Lee to step foot into the sushi bar. With ten years of experience as a sushi chef, Lee continues to hone his craft as Head Sushi Chef at Soberfish Restaurant.

Susan Lee

Susan Lee started her restaurant career while in high school in Wisconsin. Following high school, Lee moved back to Minnesota and landed her first serving job at True Thai Restaurant (the former restaurant in the current Soberfish Restaurant site), with no experience, but a desire to learn. Upon East Side Thai opening in St. Paul, Lee made a move to that restaurant, followed up with a position at Sushi Tango Woodbury. It was only natural for Lee to take a management role at Soberfish Restaurant, owned by partners from East Side Thai and Sushi Tango, giving her the opportunity to continue her love affair with Thai and Japanese cuisine.

Elle Lee

Co-owner Elle Lee splits her time between her first restaurant, East Side Thai and the new Seward neighborhood Soberfish Restaurant.